Durango Vacation Rental Pet Policies
We strive to maintain beautifully decorated vacation rental
interiors that please our non-pet owner guests, while also offering
pet friendly vacation rentals. Our pet home-stay policies are
based upon the experience of welcoming pets since 2008.
Thank you for planning ahead to ensure pet parents
and approved doggie will be in compliance:

Pet Welcome Fee is per doggie:  
$15Nt/$90 Wk for 1 dog, or maximum of 2 dogs for $30Nt/$180 WK
Doggie(s) must be approved by home owner prior to occupancy
Dogs only Max 2 (No cats) count towards maximum home occupancy
See doggie home stay rules below:
PACK PERSONAL PET TOWELS to wipe off pet paws or wet fur before entering home.
This rule is so that attractive wool rugs and new stair carpet do not get stained.
Our blankets, bath towels & linens are for people guests only.

If this rule does not work for you, our home is not the right fit.  We love dogs but our family
and others have allergies. We do provide 1 lg pet bed in the 2 East Rim condos.

Pet(s) must be kept off all living room Furniture unless: on top of a blanket/sheet supplied by the pet owner.
To help keep home dander free and protect our upholstery and leather furnishings Pet (s) absolutely
may not be on top of unprotected leather nor fabric/upholstery at any time.
To help ensure furniture/ bed
policies, while out enjoying the mountain, please close downstairs bedroom doors to keep pets off beds and
use child gate. If your doggie is like Mocha who will sneak on the sofa if we depart (he does not get to come
to condo); bring a crate for pet for times you are out. Bring your doggies own “linens” for resting and clean
up. If worried about your pets personality & care of leather sofas, bring your personal sheets to place on top
of sofas/ chair while you’re out enjoying the mountain.

4. LEASH 8' or shorter At Silverpick Village Town-Home per HOA:  
Per HOA rules pets of all sizes must be kept on a leash 8' or shorter at all times outside home.
AT SILVERPICK doggies may not be left unattended on deck nor tied next deck at any time. Silverpick pet
rule violators will have any HOA pet fines charged to their damage deposit. If the Silverpick rules are not a
good fit, then one of our East Rim locations may be an option. However for the safety of children and pet-
owner liability, we suggest dogs be on a leash when outside home at all locations. Bring one or more leashes,
and make sure all guests know about the pet leash rule.

At all locations, pet poos outside must be picked up immediately. Plan to always have a pet bag
on you. At Silverpick HOA will levy fines against owners not in compliance with immediate
poo pick up which will be billed to guest damage deposit.

6. CONTROL BARKING so neighbors are not disturbed:
If your doggie has a tendency to bark excessively bring a gentle muzzle or crate to make them comfortable.
Muzzles do not make us happy either, yet it is unfair for neighbors to listen to pets barking repeatedly
on their vacation. At Silverpick town-home a fine may be levied by HOA for an excessively
barking dog that would be billed to the guest's Damage Deposit.

All 3 of our homes have wood floors. Please Trim/file pet nails before trip
to protect the hardwood floors from scratches.

8. The Pet owner assumes ALL responsibility and ANY liability for behaviour of pet
both inside and out-side our condos.
At Silverpick if a dog bites a person, per HOA the Sheriff will be
called and pet removed. Any fines,costs of court, etc are the sole responsibility of the pet owner.
It is required at Silverpick Village, and suggested at all homes,
to keep your pet on a leash when outside of home.
Available for Dogs in home:

At the 2 East Rim units for
approved pets, we have a LARGE
extra comfy PET BED with
removable cover. It is for our pet
guest’s use as long as pet owner
washes the bed by itself before
departure (first take outside and
remove all loose hair from the drain
from clogging), It cannot be
washed with guest bedding or
towels, so our cleaners will not
have time to wash it.

At all 3 locations we provide 2 Pet
bowls for food and water, they are
stored in the entry closet. Pet
allowance is new at Silverpick, a
pet bed will soon be provided.
Refundable Damage Deposit and reporting of
accidental damage for Damage Protection Insurance:
If your pets get on (or are let on) beds (leaving pet hair or pet odor
behind) the refundable damage deposit will be billed for the actual cost
of dry cleaning + cleaners time (at $25Hr non emergency/ $45 an hr
Emergency) to run it to town and back.

If your pet damages anything in the condo (scratching, chewing or
peeing), you are responsible for repair or replacement costs
(chewed Rugs, chewed towels or pillows, bedding, furniture feet) Any
pet damage repair or replacement cost and labor required will be billed
to your damage deposit unless CSA insurance has been purchased
and covers that damage. Please trim nails before travel to help avoid

If urinated upon on or stained by pet, rug cleaning runs several dollars
per square foot and rug must be taken down to Bodo park for several
days to be cleaned.
Please Take proper steps to prevent your
pets from urinating on or chewing the lovely wool rugs.
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follow the