A $400 Fully Refundable Damage Deposit is Required on all stays, we have happily been
able to return it in full to our valued guests on over 99% of stays.
We hope that our guests will want to return each year and refer friends.
We have been able to refund over 99% of our guest Damage Deposits in full. Guest Security Deposit
Refunds are initiated within 2 business weeks of departure as long as:
Damage Insurance & Refundable Security Deposit Policies
3. There are no damages. * IF purchased by guest, Property Damage Protection covers accidental damages during stay. Once owner claim is
filed with CSA and response of coverage received, the refundable portion of damage deposit can then be still be refunded to guest. If PDP is not
purchased, accidental damages replacment/ repair cost are charged to the refundable damage deposit.
4. No Guest Items are Left Behind that need shipping: If you would like items returned there is a $20 service fee paid to housekeeper for her
trip down-town to wait / ship at post office trip plus actual shipping costs. The handling fee and ship costs will be subtracted from refundable
damage deposit.

Most guests are very considerate about respecting our home and polices. For anyone who would choose to violate
our Rental Policies or does not return parking pass the following charges to Refundable Damage Deposit:
* Guests added after booking, but not approved and rate difference paid, will be billed to damage deposit at 4X the original low "add a guest rate".
* Evidence of Smoking Odor (Cigarette, Cigar, marijuana, or otherwise) observed in home by Care-Taker or cleaner will result in a $400 Smoke
Cleaning Reclamation Fee
* Unauthorized Departure past 10:15 AM will be billed to Damage Deposit at $100 per Hr or $25 per 15 minutes.  
* Home left in unreasonable condition, or guest dishes left un-washed additional cleaning billed at $25 hr.
* Illegal drugs or underage drinking violators will be evicted immediately. No Refund and police contacted if appropriate.
We strive to keep our homes in  beautiful condition for our valued guests through annual updates and replacements of
items like sheets, towels and kitchen goods. You can understand why absorbing the cost of accidental damages is not an
option. We can't obtain volume discounts for PDP insurance a big business like the resort or large property managers can,
nor do we keep a credit card on file for damages like Lodges/ hotels take at check-in.

Therefore, If the actual amount of any damages during guest stay exceeds the refundable damage deposit, and Property
damage protection has not been purchased or damages are intentional, by placing reservation guest expressly agrees to
pay difference for any replacements and/or repairs due to damages that occurred during their stay.